Wedding of the Cannon Lady

PhotographerAzzurra Piccardi
PrizeGold in Press / Performing Arts
Entry Description

William and Kate? Albert of Monaco and Charlene? Those are nothing compared to the wedding of the year!! September marked the happiest event ever made and ever celebrate, with astonishing outfit of all the guests, all rigorously white: The marriage of the Donna Cannon The lovely, wonderful, beautiful "big mama" woman has found her lovely skinny man and finally she conveyed to a wedding in an amazing Italian castle in the Florentine hills.

About Photographer

Graduated at the University of Florence, Faculty of Architecture, in fashion design and specialized in fashion & advertising photography at the School of Visual Arts di New York. She discover her passion for photographic art during her university studies where she started getting "comfortable" with the cameras and strobo lights in 2007. Attention to detail and dreamy characters are often redundant in her works, but always with both feet firmly on the ground making her susceptible to fashion and life in general. She is currently trying to reconcile her two passions (Fashion and photography) to make of them a lifestyle and a profession.