Independence of South Sudan
PhotographerGiorgos Moutafis
PrizeBronze in Press / General News
Entry Description

Independence of South Sudan. South Sudan became the 193rd country recognised by the UN and the 54th UN member state in Africa. Celebrations in Juba began at midnight. A countdown clock in the city centre reached zero and the new national anthem was played on television. The new country is rich in oil, but one of the least developed countries in the world, where one in seven children dies before the age of five. Unresolved disputes between the north and south, particularly over the new border, have also raised the possibility of renewed conflict. Giorgos Moutafis

About Photographer

Giorgos born in Athens - Greece (1977) had his first encounter with photography at the 18+ Photography Team in 2006 and graduated from the Focus School of Art Photography in 2007. Today, based in Athens, he works as a photojournalist for some of the most renowned Greek magazines. His work has been published in Newsweek,Time, New Yorker,Foto8, Panorama, Die Zeit, Der Spiegel,Guardian,International Herald Tribune ,The New York Times,Courrier International. In 2009 he got the first prize in the Young Greek Photographers Contest and he was the finalist in Luis Valtuena Humanitarian competition. In the same year, he was also nominated for the Joop Swart Master Class. In 2010, he won the 1st prize in the Vilnius Photo Festival. His work has been presented in the Lodz Photo Festival, in the Photography Days Istanbul and in the Humankind - New York Photo Festival. Giorgos has worked in Libya,Kosovo, Gaza Strip, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia,South Sudan and Haiti