Entry Title: "Rugby Club Lugano"
Jacek Pulawski
, Switzerland
Category: Professional, Press

Entry Description:

Rugby Club Lugano, founded in 2007, belongs to the youngest teams in Switzerland. It's composed by former Argentinian professionals and local hobby players.

About the Artist:

Born in Wroclaw in 1978, I moved with my family to Switzerland at the age of 12. Once obtained the commercial maturity in Chiasso and mostly in Zurich, I started travelling with the purpose to find "something to do". In that 6 year wandering period I have worked in several countries placed in North Africa, South East Asia and Europe, progressively focusing on photography as a possible profession. After a 2 year experimental period I decided to attend a National Geographic workshop where he positively impressed its photographers.<br /> A year work experience for a Italian fashion magazine, pushed me towards journalistic photography. <br /> <br />