Passion Flower

PhotographerMichel Tcherevkoff
PrizeBronze in Book (series Only) / Fine Art
Entry Description

Passion Flower: Exotic Lingerie Fantasies Inside every good girls mind are the naughty thoughts and fantasies that make her a very bad girl. What happens when these naughty thoughts and fantasies are exposed in photographs featuring nearly naked women barely covered by the sexiest French lingerie imaginable? Erotic humor to make every good girl smile. A necessary primer in what women really want from their partner(s).

About Photographer

One of the world’s preeminent conceptual photographers, Michel Tcherevkoff has pushed the boundaries of advertising, editorial and corporate imaging Born and educated in Paris, Michel was studying law, when a holiday visit to his sister, who was modeling in New York, changed his career path. “There was no comparison between my perception of advertising photography and my experience with the law”. Michel moved to New York and was immediately noticed for what would become known as his signature style, “reality with a twist”. The recipient of hundreds of awards for creativity and design, Michel’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide. His picture book The Image Maker, published by Amphoto, was a tongue-in-cheek retrospective of the first twenty years of his career. The interactive CD “I-Sight” described the initial introduction of digital imaging into his creative process. In September 2007, Welcome Books and Random House will publish ‘Shoe Fleur’ Michel’s first virtual collection of shoes, handbags and boots that blend photography, design and digital art.