Those who near us

PhotographerShulte Natasha
Prize3rd Place in Portraiture
Entry Description

Children it is our future! But millions of children in the world abandoned by their own parents.There are different reasons why a child loses his parents, but very frequently the children are initially born in the families of alcoholics and drug addicted, malicious and eternally drunk they hate children just for fact they were born.Very quickly they forget them. So the children find themselves in orphanages ...embittered, small and unprotected...The objective is to pay attention of the public to the problems of the abandoned children and I try to bring this information using such concept as "social art", This project was created with the kids of the orphanage 1 Odessa Ukraine (children from birth till 5 years old). From 110 children, there are 34 sick children in this orphanage who very require attention and support.

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