Entry Title: " Reminisce"
Corinna Holthusen
, Germany
Category: Professional, Fine Art

Entry Description:

About the Artist:

06 -12 Review, Groupshow, Galerie von Kories, Hamburg

2012 feb - april VOLUPTIOUS VALENTINE, Single Exhibition, GG Gallery, London

2011 sep- nov Marilyn Monroe, Legende, Mythos, Ikone, Groupshow Galerie Levy, Hamburg

2009 jun- aug Review, Groupshow, Galerie Hilaneh von Kories, Hamburg

2008/9 dec-febr Reminisce, Groupshow, White sSquare Gallery, Las Vegas

2008 Febr-April White Square Gallery, Group show, Las Vegas

2007/8 Single Exhibition ( M ) Reflections,Galerie Hilaneh von Kories, Hamburg

2007 Oktober Berlin Liste ( M ) Reflections

2006 may-june Single Exhibition ( M ) Photos,Beat Galerie, Berlin

2005 june-july `the nature of skin`Exhibition Hamburg,Kunsthaus,group show

2005 april-June (M)Photos, Single Exhibition, Galerie Hilaneh von Kories, Hamburg

'marilyn monroe: vida de una leyenda'
centro cultural de la villa Madrid, group show

2004 'Bilder die Lgen' (Image they lie) Exhibition Hamburg,
Art Museum Hamburg, group show
'Marilyn Life of a Legend' Exhibition
Istanbul and Valencia, group show

2003/2004 'Bilder die Lgen' (Image they lie) Exhibition Berlin,
Arthistoric Museum Germany, group show

2003 oct-dec 'Christliche Motive' Exhibition Halle,
Arthall Halle, group show

2003 apr-sept 'Marilyn Life of a Legend' Exhibition London,
County Hall Gallery, group show

2003 april 'Lead Award Cover of the year' for a Cover
published in the SZ Magazine

2002 may-june Single Exhibition 'Konvergenz II',
Gallery Hohmann,Hamburg

2001 sept Single Exhibition 'Konvergenz II',
American European Fine Art, N.Y.

2000 july 'Lead Award generated image 2000', for a series
published in the Spiegel Reporter

2000 july Single Exhibition 'Konvergenz I',
Gallery B. Eikelmann, Dsseldorf

1999 Exhibition 'Paravent Projekt',
Gallery B.Eikelmann, Dsseldorf

First Price Kodak Digital Imaging Award

1998 ADC Bronze medal for a series published in the Spiegel Special

1997march Media Exhibition Hamburg, group show

1996 jan-feb Single Exhibition 'Art Projekt',
Gnsemarkt Passage, Hamburg