Our World Insideout : Brazil

CompanyAlyssa Miserendino | Photography
PhotographerAlyssa Miserendino
PrizeGold in Book (series Only) / Documentary
Entry Description

From favela to forgotten, Brazil is a host of an economy that is seeped in the past while drawing from our future mistakes. I have witnessed what others have built with their own hands from found objects, while living in one of the largest cites in the world; captured a home 15 years forgotten & surrounded by mansions; held my breath as I captured the sealed like coffin of a home; & witnessed what itâs like to live in what you build, brick by brick. This is Our World Insideout : Brazil 2010. I am American, & a photographer who has experienced personal displacement & abandonment long before this most recent economic downfall. Our World Insideout was created with the hope that it will incite a visual, global dialog concerning the used and unused resources surrounding the home; thus, inspiring change. It touches on many levels of humanity & one of the most sacred places for us: home.

About Photographer

Alyssa Miserendino is a photographer living in Chicago, Illinois with her awe-inspiring husband Conor. Family, friends, experiences, & the world around her are the inspiration she draws from. Slowly finding her way through this world with the help of a camera, this project was born from a raw personal experience. She hopes familiar emotions can incite a global dialogue concerning our resources & how to help each other through life's economic cycles. When she is not working on her fine art series, she enjoys creating portrait sessions, celebrating who her clients are & the inspiration they foster.