Center of Life

PhotographerJosep Echaburu
PrizeBronze in Book (series Only) / Documentary
Entry Description

Nursing homes are probably the last home for a person, the last shelter, the last housing. Hence these centers are easily confused with waiting rooms, with caves of sorrow, with premises of sadness. Many reports about nursing homes either focus on this aspect or show abuse or negligence cases towards the elderly. Althought it may be less advertised, there is another reality that revolves around the life created in these nursing homes, the new friends and romances that arise, the cards or dominoes games, the conversations among the elderly, the hugs given or tears shed among mates, the stories that each one of them keeps in their memories, the desire to be and share. It is a view of happiness, a snapshot of hope, the focusing of all the life generated in a nursing home for the elderly

About Photographer

Born in Barcelona in 1967, actually is the city where I reside. Receipt studies of photography in Institute of Catalunya's Photography Studios. From always I have interested in photography, specially reports and portraits of current people, I treat across my photos to create really beauty being an as aim as possible. My articles are of social character but offering a vision different to which we are accustomed. Founder in 2001 of the Association " Artistic Photographic SUBGRUP " like platform for the accomplishment of works and photographic exhibitions. I have realized numerous exhibitions in different cities of Spain like Madrid, Sevilla, Gijon, emphasizing those of Barcelona in the rooms like� Convent Sant Agustí �, �Casa Golferichs-Espai Francesc Català Roca�, �Real Sociedad Fotografica�, etc. This year I was finalist of Leica Oskar Barnack Award and my work exposed in the Reencontres d'Arles meeting. Actually I work in Catalunya Spanish Television like photograher.