Almost Heaven

Photographershengyuan hsu
PrizeSilver in Portraiture / Other_P
Entry Description

My grandfather has got Alzheimer's disease for many years. Recent days the family has recieved Critically ill notice because his organs are failing very quickly. I went to the hospital to see his face for the last time, although he couldn't respond our calling and we don't know if he realize how much we love him, but when I see these pictures, I always wonder what is he looking at? is he looking at the heaven? Take care and see you there, my dear grandpa. (My grandfather passed away after one week of taking these pictures.)

About Photographer

" TO ME , PHOTOGRAPHY IS THE MOST HONEST LIE IN THE WORLD . " We all see consequences happen in our lives , every choice brings a different result whether you like it or not , it is hard to tell if it will be positive or negative until life's end , â?? so I take photos . â?? I said , like an animal searching for its quarry , my desire for photography guides me to struggle to survive , I scream in silent darkness, shout at secret moments, stand in a quiet world, every part of me wants to find the perfect attachment, every single picture takes away a frame of my life , I try hard to construct my own pictures, but eventually I am buried in my own creations. â?? if you can understand , thatâ??s because you are aware of loneliness . â?? I said , again .